An Unconditional Love Hug

Pause for a couple moments and focus on the Divine Source Energy that is within .  Then consider others.  They can include those  you don’t even know. They might be people you encounter in a public place or communicate with on line.  Your image may be a universal view of  all people.  Just pause  and reflect:

“The same Divine Energy that is within me is in all.  This Source Energy is always there responding to my calling upon it.   I Am That, I Am.  I Am One with all.”

Once you have that awareness simply focus on that image and  energetically think:

“I now send to me and you  an Unconditional Love Hug™ ”

The energetic sending of an Unconditional Love Hug  will do wonders for how you feel.  You will begin to notice you are smiling more and will notice others smiling more  as well.

When we are energetically  sending   an Unconditional Love Hug™ to others ,  we are actually sending  unconditional love for ourselves. We are hugging ourselves.  If you are thinking how can I possibly send an Unconditional Love Hug™  to someone who you are not in alignment with,   remember it is not their Source energy doing the things that you oppose. Our egos can take over and result in words and actions opposite of what we consider good.   Focus on sending unconditional love for the Divine Source Energy within all.  That feeling is an Unconditional Love Hug™.

So now I send you an Unconditional Love Hug™ .  You are welcome and encouraged  to affirm your Unconditional Love Hug ™  in the comment section.

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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Steve posted at 2009-8-13 Category: Love

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  1. #1Melanie @ 2009-8-14 15:25

    Yesterday when I first read the statement ‘unconditional love hug’ I got this big grin on my face and decided that I like this saying a lot. Now with this explaination of how to actually do it I know I will be sending out unconditional love hugs during the course of every day. The concept is wonderful!
    Thank you!
    Sending you unconditional love hug!

  2. #2Dorothy Lague @ 2009-8-14 15:28

    Thanks for the love. Your unconditional love hug is a powerful concept that I intend to use often.

  3. #3Michelemery @ 2009-8-14 16:02

    Thanx, Steve,Im a musician who was of the mind that we could change the world thru music..That, more and more does not seem to be the case. Im still in the trenches, Steve, giving love and staying in the heartspace, So, that hug is RIGHT ON TIME!! backatcha…Michaelemery.

  4. #4Alexandra @ 2009-8-14 16:46

    Dear Steve,
    Thank you for explaining this and thank you for sending something so beautiful, uplifting, and enlightening.

    Sending back to You and All, an Unconditional Love Hug,
    Many Blessings,


  5. #5Jemille @ 2009-8-14 16:54

    How wonderful it feels to hug hopelessly! As in, I hope he or she feels love back, or I hope this works, or I hope they like this, or anything else except pure flow of love. Unconditional. Woohoo!!

  6. #6Gisele @ 2009-8-14 17:47

    How splendid when during prayer/meditation a name pops into my mind — a name of no one I know. Rather than worry/wonder about it, I get to send love to that person! And now you’ve given it a name — an unconditional love hug.
    Also important to remember to send out unconditional love hugs when seeing oeople in a tense situation or when seeing a sad or disconnected look on someone’s face.

  7. #7Linda @ 2009-8-14 18:31

    Well Steve when I opened this email from you and read the contents – I very safe and warm feeling came over me and I actually have a big smile along with a feeling of contentment.

    Thank you for explaining this
    Thank you for the email
    Thank you for all that you do and contribute to humanity and the universe

    May you too receive the unconditional hug I am sending to you.

    Blessing you Linda

  8. #8Nelson @ 2009-8-14 18:46

    Is this “technique” yoga. Love to follow this simple prayer. Thanks for sharing. love lots & hugs from the Philippines.

  9. #9Danuta @ 2009-8-14 19:14

    I’m feeling it!!!!!

  10. #10Lynda @ 2009-8-14 19:23

    I felt the beam go into my heart, and my upper body became warm and intense for a momnet or two. I remembered how source said we must be like children to be part of the whole, and I smiled inside and out. I remembered that play is so important, and that I need laughter and sunshine so much. I sent those same vibrations and energy out to everyone I know. I want the same for you; that way we will never feel alone. Hugs, Lynda

  11. #11Janita @ 2009-8-14 19:45

    : ) thank you sooo much, so beautiful and lovingly and very much appresiated: )
    Sending back a unconditional hug to you and to all : )

  12. #12Ruzica @ 2009-8-14 20:29

    Love it!!

    Just want to send back an Unconditional Love Hug to everyone who read this :)

  13. #13Nancy @ 2009-8-14 22:52

    Thanks for sharing this – I think the world is a better place when we share hugs, even if they are travelling through space and time.

    Blessings & Hugs!

  14. #14Jeje @ 2009-8-14 23:12

    Sending unconditional love hug to everyone :)
    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  15. #15Nawal Fleihan @ 2009-8-15 02:57

    Dear Steve
    Thank you for reminding me of my Source. when i send Unconditional LOve Hug i feel blessed loved peaceful by God

  16. #16joy @ 2009-8-15 05:47

    Hi Steve and all others reading these posts… just sending unconditional love hugs to you and all others who I may encounter during the day. I have a little different way of doing this too. I imagine myself surrounded by Light and Love which is My Source and then I imagine that Light emanating outward to whomever I come in contact with or sometimes I will feel it shine out like a beam of Light from my eyes or my heart and go out and surround the person who I am thinking of or interacting with. It always raises the interactions to a higher level and especially if it is someone who I am having a problem with, the difficulty always seems to resolve itself.

  17. #17Guadalupe @ 2009-8-15 09:39

    Thanks Steve,
    What a wornderful feeling of love! Thank you very much, for you and all receive an “Unconditional Love Hug” may your day be peaceful and happy.

  18. #18Beth @ 2009-8-15 10:17

    Hi Steve, thanks for the email. When I first saw the expression it gave me the answer to “how to send love to someone who is behaving in an unacceptable manner”. Then I realised that by simply acknowledging the “mis-behaviour” and seeing past that to the Divine Energy within that person, well then its easy, and emotions are cancelled out so that no hurt can remain. What a blessing.
    Thanks for the love, and back to you.
    ps: I really love the comment by joy #16

  19. #19Kim @ 2009-8-15 17:46

    Thank you Steve & everyone else sending hugs! Thank you for the reminder, your explanation is exactly what I believe.

  20. #20Rosemarie A Stone @ 2009-8-15 17:52

    I have always believed in the power of a “radiant smile”! This equates to your terminology of an “unconditional love hug”! When you smile, your smile penetrates your soul and reaches out to touch the soul’s of others who come into your life. I was a Flight Attendant and so it was very important for us to smile and give “love hugs” to our passengers. It made them feel accepted, warm and welcome. It also assured them that they were our number one focus–to enjoy the flight and to let them know that their safety was number one in our minds. When you “smile”, the world “smiles back”! Life is no longer a drudgery, it becomes a mission of spirit! Thanks for raising this concept with your friends…beautiful sentiment! Love, Rosemarie

  21. #21Leslie @ 2009-8-15 21:45

    Thank you for the gift of Agape Love Huggs. Listening to Rev. M. Beckwith’s Agape service in 2008 on unconditional love. Perfect timing. Tis the best healing gift to share in this life. Namaste Dear Friend and friends

  22. #22Susan @ 2009-8-15 22:05

    When I read ‘Unconditional Love Hug TM’ and its meaning, I felt this inner glow inside me fill me. I felt instant love. The meaning gives you a higher perspective of the true meaning of Unconditional love. Remembering that we all are the same inside, no matter what the circumstances. We all come from the same energy source. I feel much love after having read this. Thank you Steve. xx A big ‘Unconditional Love Hug’ to all. xoxo

  23. #23Vanita @ 2009-8-16 08:04

    Hi, thanks for the email..Love this idea completely..I got love to ease my mind..and some tender arms to hold me tight!!!

  24. #24Odille @ 2009-8-17 04:25

    Great idea, Steve!! :) Sending a UC hug right back to you!
    Love and Light and Magic xxx

  25. #25Julia @ 2009-8-19 19:28

    This made me smile.The thought of giving unconditional love hugs is such and uplifting thought. Just imagine all of the great energy you have set in motion. A big Hug to everyone that reads this.

  26. #26Anjylkat @ 2010-1-25 06:41

    Thanks Steve! Receiving and returning my heart full of Unconditional Love in a great big HUG {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Unconditional Love Hug to all}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


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