One With Love

The best description of God that I have ever read is Unconditional Love.  All of  us are One With Love…One With God. Many don’t believe that and God is fine with it because Unconditional Love makes no judgments. Unconditional Love is always creating new and doesn’t look back.

We have an opportunity to “let go and let God” as I learned in the Unity Church. I don’t think I really knew what that meant until recently and I am not saying I know now since I have seen how my awareness has expanded with continual focus on how what is possible here on the physical plane.  My awareness now has lead me to the guidance that all thought and action has God as it’s source.  “God is the Source of all good happening” is a quote I read recently.

So in our every day lives what are we intended to learn from this?  For me this means that since we are all here with free will, we have a choice.  We can be One With Love or move through our days influenced by what others say or do including the news, internet, phone and more. Please understand I am not suggesting moving into a cave shut off from the outside world.  No, I am on the path of harmonizing my emotions no matter what is going on around me.

What does that mean? Well if Unconditional Love has no judgment that means all that occurs is perfect at that point. Humans use our God power in many ways. Some in ways many of us do not prefer. However, I can dismiss most of what happens that I don’t prefer by choosing to harmonize with God and by choosing to use my God power to fulfill my intentions which I feel are good ones.

The more I am able to harmonize myself with Unconditional Love the more I am able to manifest experiences I intend to create.

One with Love….One with God….that is the way I intend to enjoy all this world has to offer.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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Steve posted at 2010-10-7 Category: Love

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  1. #1Sofi @ 2010-10-8 01:15

    Thank you for such wonderful message. It was no accident that it was sent to me. My life now is in a very terrible point. God is helping me to overcome this hardships. If no God’s help I would not be alive now. I believe in God, Always believed but especially now. Nobody is to courage me, nobody is to hug me warmly and say “I am here with you” Only God, only God is here with me always.
    God please help me- this is the words I repeat all the time

  2. #2susmitha @ 2010-10-8 07:51

    Dear Steve,

    Unconditional love is a grate feeling. and so it is difficult to experience for ordinary people who are uinder the i9nfluence of many silly matters and people around them.. even though they realise that being influenced by others is not a very good thing, people are forced to do so beacause of ‘n’ number of reasons.. i am trying in all possible ways to be in harmony so that my desires are manifested, if i become succesfull in giving unconditional love to others, I will become succesfull in everyting i do and i can manifest anything i want.Hope I Can achieve it soon

  3. #3Barbara @ 2010-10-8 11:04

    If you love God unconditionally then in fact you love yourself the same because you are God and God is you, your life, your spirit, heart, body and soul are one with God.

  4. #4Carmen Valdez @ 2010-10-8 14:04

    We can manifest anything in life with the help of the Almighty God on our side, by using prayer,in guiding us to connect with him in the right direction we wish to go with our goals, but it does have to do with his will in mind not just selfish self. Unconditional Love is one quality that is displayed by God and if we imitate him in this kind of Love, we can never go wrong. The problem with some people is , that they misjudge others and miss the point of what TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,really means; and they lose the mark. We all have Choices to make in life, we can choose to let others influence us, or we can let the Almighty God influence us to do and go in the right path that will be connected with spirituality and our own goals; sad to say some will never know that True meaning because they are into just themselves and are not being guided by spirituality. Thank you Steve!!! I am sending you my unconditional Love hug!!!

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