Send the Energy of Peace and Divine Love

“The continual outpouring of Peace and Divine Love  to every person and thing unconditionally, no matter whether you think it is deserved or not it is the Magic Key that unlocks the door and releases instantly this tremendous Inner God Power.

You must keep the outer self harmonious. The importance of keeping a feeling of peace, love and serenity in the personal self cannot be emphasized too  strongly. When this is done the Mighty God Presence within can act without limit in an instant.”

(From the book Unveiled Mysteries Saint Germain Series Vol 1.)

Additional Guidance

Mediation is offered as the primary way to move into a state of peace and connecting with Divine Love. One mediation video has been published on this blog Click Here  There are other ways including connecting with nature, rituals, music, dance and more. Notice the emphasis on where our energy is focused and specifically the inner Divine Self.  This ties directly to articles published on the Manifest Mastermind Blog on Oneness, being present, and not giving power to the outer.

Action Steps

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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