Endless Love

The Law of Attraction For The Love In Our Life 

When was the last time you thought about the perfect love in your life…. the love of your twin soul?  If you have found or experienced this love then you may recognized this happened at a time when you had the greatest love and esteem for yourself. It is the law of attraction at work for the love in our life.

Author Unconditional Love Hug, Founder Manifest Mastermind, Confidence Success Blueprint, International Business and Real Estate Investment Coach

I have groups and pages on Facebook with the titles Money and The Law of Attraction,  Deliberate Creation, Law of Attraction Action plus my original site Manifest Mastermind and now Confidence Success Blueprint. When I step back and look at all the guidance I received, continue to receive and share, I realize it all points to Unconditional  Love being the answer.

Unconditional Love 

For me this is the state of God…no judgement, no negative attitudes….simply a continual showering of Unconditional Love no matter what we do or say. For me , truth is Unconditional Love is in all and the authentic self of each of us is Unconditional Love.  My purpose is for my authentic self to see myself in all….Oneness.

Unconditional Love and Physical Love

When physical love experiences “road bumps” there is always judgement at work. We look at the other person and think

why does he/she  act this way

if he/she would only

that one thing he/she does drives me crazy

or we are simply totally focused on he/she should

The Focus on What Another Should Do Means We Do  Not Accept Reality and This Focus Is Not Coming From Our Authentic Self.

When we reverse the view to where we are seriously looking in the mirror when we are judging, we most likely find that what we actually are concerned about in another is actually a part of who we are.  When we recognize our own blocks to our authentic self, then we can move along the path of enlightenment and clear the blocks.

Doing this work,  will result in acceptance of another and a more consistent state for ourselves of being happy and at peace. The state of happiness, joy and peace is the place where we create the next evolution of ourselves or Deliberately Create our next experience that supports the fulfillment of our life purpose. This does not mean that the physical relationship is intended to continue. It may or may not depending on how that relationship serves the purpose of our authentic self.

Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder

Manifest Mastermind

Confidence Success Blueprint 

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  1. #1Chideway @ 2015-12-25 08:34

    What a beautiful post. It’s so crazy the love you have for somnoee who you’ve known for such a short time, but whom you know inside out. Motherhood is such a gift, and one that definitely makes you more sensitive. Quite scary how something so small can mark you so vulnerable with love. X

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